Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christopher Johnson, Tibet Uprising

As written previously, any attempt to reach an informed opinion in the case of Canadian freelance journalist Christopher Johnson necessarily involves Mr. Johnson's credibility. 

Johnson is a bona fide journalist- there is no disputing that.  But certain of his boasted journalistic accomplishments do not appear to hold up under scrutiny.

Take for example the claim on Johnson's site's sidebar that he "witnessed Tibetan uprising in Lhasa, broke story via Reuters, Toronto Star, Christian Science Monitor (CSM), others".

Johnson did indeed write a piece on the uprising for the CSM.  But the dateline is March 14, 2008, Tokyo- not Lhasa, Tibet.  In other words, Johnson was not a witness of the unrest.  Who provided eye-witness accounts? Johnson writes in his report that information on the uprising was obtained from a group of foreign backpackers who communicated to reporters via phone and e-mail that day.


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