Saturday, August 14, 2010

Motorcycle Diaries, Vol. III; Misc. Photos from Sumon Mura

By noon I had hoped to go all the way to Niigata's border with Fukushima, but owing to delays caused by a flat tire and inclement weather, I opted to lunch and begin my return journey in Sumon Village, some 25k short of the goal. Before leaving home in the morning I emptied the contents of a couple of cans of beans into a plastic container and added some smoked ham and Crystal Brand hot sauce to the mix; one match fired up my EPI Gas stove, and within minutes my meal was ready. Afterwards I boiled a pot of water for post-prandial coffee. My vintage Optimus looks decidedly cooler as a cooker, but is nowhere near as fast or trouble-free as the EPI. In any case I discovered the former was out of fuel before departing.

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