Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Few Thoughts

One of my readers has complained (in a manner as nasty as it was ungrammatical) that I gloss over Japan's 'dark underside'.  Japan has its dark side, to be sure;  I am aware of no country that hasn't. But to those who, like my learned and gracious reader, expect me in this blog to ridicule the country for its failings, to screech with righteous indignation over the occasional instance of Japanese discrimination against foreigners, or to debunk every laughable attempt at historical revisionism by some right-wing nut-job, to such visitors I should like to recommend the following: . Unlike our dear Mr. Debito, I am not an expat in Japan who is only content when he is disparaging the Japanese. I have better things to do. I happen to be fairly happy here, and this blog reflects my interest in and respect for my adopted home and its culture.

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